Talking To Men: How To Be Natural (And Not Nervous)

Do you get nervous when trying to talk to men? Do you feel uneasy and lost when trying to think of something to say? Do you want to know how to avoid babbling or overwhelming him with too much information at once? Relationships seem to be so complicated at times. The fact is that it doesn’t have to be. There are secret ways to make a guy tell you what you want to hear.

You might believe you have to impress a guy to win his heart. But the only person who will be impressed is you, when you stand behind the man and have something wonderful to say.

To make a good impression and secure a date, there are three topics that are irresistible to men. Learn these and you will succeed in getting any man to fall in love with you.

Commitment is one of the most beautiful things that a man can find in a relationship. Men are afraid of facing rejection and trying to figure out how to ask a woman out. They need a woman who is dedicated to the relationship and will go all the way with him.

On the other hand, as soon as a man realizes that a woman is only interested in a casual relationship, he will pull back. What a woman must do is to reassure the man that she is dedicated to him and the relationship and will assure him that she is serious. This doesn’t mean saying something like “I love you” which sounds flowery and dishonest. It means letting the man know that he is the most important person in the world to her and she loves spending time with him because she is secure with him and with the relationship.

Make sure to not rush the relationship. This is another reason why a man withdraws. He thinks that a woman who falls in love slowly seducing him and slowly reveals her feelings to him is a woman he must have. This is why so many men think that “playing hard to get” is the thing to do. But here’s the difference – men love to chase, and chase is exciting.

This is why they love sports where the body is all over the field competing. This is why they love to read books – they are always trying to finish the story. This is why they challenge themselves to achieve more. So the more you force the man to chase you by playing hard to get, the more attention you are going to get.

When you get the man you want, be yourself and let him see the real you. It is what men want. You want to impress him but you want him to be interested in the real you.