Does He Really Care About You? Learn How You Can Be 100% Sure

Dating someone is no guarantee that you’re already with someone who cares about you. If you’re searching for signs that he does, then follow these suggestions for clues.

He Emails, texts or calls regularly. transcribing is pretty easy, especially if he’s the nervous type. If he emails and texts you regularly, and not matter whether it’s a date or simply communicating with an old school friend, then he is taking you out so desperately, you won’t even see anyumber two dates anymore!

He asks about your interests. A guy who Just Can’t Seem to Care About You much will make a big deal about WhichBrandof Dogs, when the only thing he really wants to know about is whether you like Japanese HOR Grateful DEAD Shows. If he doesn’t really care then, think twice.

You See a lot of him. He is around you. A friend possibly cut our acquaintance just so he can be proximity to you, and spend a lot of quality time with you. Does he look at you as often as possible, or as a mere acquaintance you might pass an awkward moment, and go separate ways.

He touches you. A steady hands, a sweet-smelling perfume, some simple stroke on your hand… Important to gauge at first, whether he is into you or not, before you can pursue further. If he only touches when he has the urge to touch, and then moves away as soon as the feeling has left him, then this guy is just right for you.

He is concerned for you. For sure, he will get worried when his friends tell you that you’ve had a patient day. He will ask you how you’re doing, know all the important details, so he can check on you from time to time.

He respects you. A guy who makes it a point to care for you, by opening the car door for you, or taking your coat or offering to walk you home… Sounds too much, huh? But it’s true.

His conversation. What message does he send through his conversations? Many people believe that these are the most significant. They inspire and influence most women’s dating decisions, hence, what should a woman do if the guy in her life delivers cold words about love? Should she be satisfied with him boosting her ego a little?

If he proposes marriage after only a few dates, consider it a red flag. He probably hasn’t heard a word about you, or found out about your interests, passions, and dreams. There’s no emotional connection there, because there is none.