Is It Time To Move In Together?

Are you moving in with your significant other? Are you at the point where you could be considered part of the couple? Do you know what kind of family Compatibility you are going to have with your new partner? Before you move in, understand that there are a lot of issues that go along with moving in together. Almost everyone has one or two, but if you are having 3 or more, it could be a problem.

Unfortunately, no matter how cleared we are on the “end goal” we are never really clear on the “how to get there.” So, what are the pressures involved with moving in with your significant other? Well, at first, your single friends and family might not think it’s such a great idea, and they will point out a lack of responsibility on your part. However, there are quite a few who will agree with you 100% no matter what obstacles they see in the relationship, and will also stress how important it is for you to move in. Ultimately though, the decision is yours. It is about you and your own life long commitment to not want to spend any more time alone. With that being said, there are a few things you want to consider when considering family compatibility.

What are your beliefs about faith and spirituality? If you have any Christians in your household, you will definitely want to know this before you move in. If they are a small group, you may have to think about how they will accept your new partner. What is your religious herd and where would you be enrolling if it was a large Christian family?

Do both of you have the same outlook on money? You may find that someone who is much more financially stable than you could ever imagine could be a drag on your bank account. You certainly don’t want to be with someone who is irresponsible with finances even if they are a perfect match for you in every other way. To avoid spending money on someone who has no intention of sharing it with you, find out how much they earn, have, or have planned for the year. And, do not forget to qualify your own finances because the early stirrings of a relationship can lead you to powerful conclusions about how your income and spending habits compare to someone you have just met.

Do you share the same interests? This is not meant to be compare the likes and dislikes that you have from the likes and dislikes your prospective spouse has. These initial conversations are about finding out some areas where the two of you have common ground. If you want your partner to be in a relationship with you, if you have similar likes and dislikes, you are better off sharing at least a few of these common interests. Deal makers are those that are engrossed in discussing topics such as travel, music, art, politics, self-help, cooking, traveling, hiking, Write, reading, cookbook, current events, etc.

Do you view things the same way? Opposites attract…gas and electric may seem aligning somewhat on the same issues but if your views are so far apart that a match seems impossible, it’s unbalanced and transient. We need peace in our mind and the same thoughts we concluded in alternative energy are aligning in energy with our love interests. When love aligns itself it generates a surge of emotion that overshadows the strong negative emotionals our nervous systems are still making. When one gainsezvous with another, we gain a new thought pattern that is open, creative and upbeat, and our energy is at a more balanced level. Ponder whether you’re full of negativity or just energy and a giddy complements.

Do you see this person as a role model? Are you a role model? When you compare new love interests and consider the life that they have created, what characteristics do you see that define you and others that you admire in your past? Are they living as the kind of person you want to spend your entire life with? If not, why not?

Take all of these into consideration and if your gut tells you that it’s time to move in together, then go ahead and make it happen – assuming your partner is feeling the same way that you are!