Blind Dating: A Guide For Beginners

So, you have grown weary of being single for such a long time and it has been quite a while since you have had your last relationship hit rock bottom. You are eager that things would turn out much better for you this time around, mostly because things have been quite difficult the last few years. It could be that you are recently divorced like most people who are over the age of thirty-five, or you could have just gotten out of a long-term relationship of several years. It does not really matter what your exact reason is for being single, since the question is, “How can you get back into the dating game?” It would not hurt for you to consider trying out blind dating as a possible solution to your relationship woes.

Say you are out on a first date with someone you have never seen or even spoken to. It could be that you are nervous and that you do not want to act silly or make a complete fool of yourself. But, if you do decide to go through with blind dating, make sure you know about the process. Basically, blind dating is where you go to a specific location and act as if you have already met someone you are interested in. It has been known to work on men and women because of the mystery and anticipation factor. You would want to get to know the person more so that you can establish a connection.

The location of the blind date is important since there are stories that are centered around places such as dinner bells, bars and other more peculiar places. Maybe you do not want to go to some seedy nightclub. You might opt for a coffee house, an art gallery or even a church related event. The location should be something you are familiar with but still a bit odd. It is up to you really.

The other task that you need to get ready for while preparing for blind dating is to be yourself. You do not want to be fake on the first date and you do not want to be someone you are not, either. Just be your usual normal self because pret temperatures cause the food to get cold, ignites some suspicion and ends up being a complete bore. Remember that you are here to meet someone you already know. If you are going to a baseball game, you are going to be focused on the game, not the ugliness of the entire venue, bars and clubs would not be your idea of a good date idea.

The next thing that you have to do while blind dating is to be assertive, one way to get through the first date without coming across as being too pushy is to make the first move. There is a risk that you will be rejected but if you are not, you should take it as the Russian saying goes “It may be the worse way to get a date,” and move on. Again, if she is not interested, try to move on and find someone else to pursue.