About Lisa

Lisa is a professional wedding photographer who has been a part of hundreds of wedding events over the years. In addition to wedding photography, she also specializes in portrait-style photos as well.

Lisa is happily married, but has plenty of girl friends who are still living the single life. However, they are actively looking to find the man of their dreams and have their own “happy ever after”.

Lavish & Light takes a lot of Lisa’s knowledge from over the years dealing with both her own and her friends relationships, and shares them for her readers, with the hope that those who are still single can find love like she has.

Relationships come in all sorts of forms, from casual dating to a fully committed marriage. But all of them have value and can truly give a person meaning in their life. If you are looking for a new relationship, or trying to improve or strengthen your current one, then Lavish & Light is the place to be.