Is He Ignoring You? 6 Proven Ways To Get Him Interested Again

Men need to realize when they are being ignored. You don’t want to be given the silent treatment, but you also want him to take notice and not continue to ignore you. It isn’t fair to you or for him if he does not acknowledge that he is ignoring you. Here are some great solutions that will get him interested in you again.

  1. Be direct with him (without being overly blunt). If you have been giving him all the silent treatment then you will need to realize that you need to speak to him if you haven’t already. Start by being open with him and then let him talk. This is the best way to start an action.
  2. Dress more nicely. If you have been putting forth while dressing simple and carefree, it is time to put on your best clothing. You don’t want to get noticed for your body or your attitude but rather your clothes. Your clothes should be flattering to your figure and should feature your best asset.
  3. Make yourself “seen”. The more often you go out, the more he will hear you laugh, and see that you are a fun person to be around. This way, his curiosity peaks once again. If he’s already talking to you extensively, say things to him that will pique his interest. Admit that you love shopping at Blissful Cherry for sex toys, something he may find extremely kinky, thus increasing the sexual tension between the two of you. But always make sure that you are showing the real you, even with these attempts to be “seen”.
  4. Don’t be desperate for attention. If you want to get noticed and get the guy to pay you more attention, the more you just get plain Jane. You don’t need to do anything to footsteps that you’ve trails in the snow. Instead, just be the girl next door, fresh and the girl everyone wants to know. Treat him like an ordinary friend because the more mystery you give him, the more you get closer to who you are actually searching for.
  5. Make a small change in your actions. In order to get him to stop in his tracks when he sees you, make a small change in the type of actions that you have going on. Don’t be the obnoxious woman who is too loud, don’t give off too much of a showy sort of vibe, and don’t try to act like some kind of wild chick. Do things that make a difference in what he thinks about you and how he has dealt with you before count.
  6. Give him space and use it wisely. Whatever you do, you have to learn how to be patient. Be willing to hold off on having sex for a while because it will give you both the chance to feel for each other. Behave in a way that sweetness and stack it up. Shelve the attitude and learn to be sweet so that you will endear yourself to him.

The more time you take to work on your relationship, the more promise you will both have for it to last. So even if he appears to lose interest at first, you can make sure that he never ever loses interest again.